+ Preparatory Course For Pearson London Chamber Of Commerce And Industry (LCCI) Level 3 Private Secretarial Diploma (PSD)

The Pearson London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) International Qualifications are recognized by universities, governments and professional bodies such as the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), giving you the opportunity to study further.

The qualifications are offered at different levels so you can start at the point that is most appropriate to your current knowledge and experience without feeling pressured. As work-related qualifications, they give you the knowledge and skills to actually do the job, which is why they are trusted and valued by employers world-wide. All qualifications bearing the LCCIIQ logo carry employer credibility.

LCCI’s new Secretarial Diploma is a natural evolution from our well established and highly Group Secretarial Awards. Following worldwide research, the new Secretarial Diploma has been designed to equip secretarial with appropriate business skills for the new millennium.


This Private Secretarial Diploma is intended for candidates planning to start a career or looking to advance their career as a secretary. They are also for those who wish to develop their career beyond the secretarial arena.

Course Modules

  1. Business Principles and Practice Level 3
  2. Text Production Level 3
  3. English for Business Level 2
  4. Business Administration Level 3

Brief Description of Modules

1. Business Principles and Practice Level 3

This module requires a candidate to identify the influences on the business organization and what the success factors might be, and to highlight the contribution, which the individual can make to success of the business.
Syllabus topics include:

  1. Influences on Business Activity
  2. The fundamental and Organisation of Business
  3. Business Management
  4. Personal Contribution to Business Effectiveness
  5. Business Values and Culture
  6. Communication in Business

2. Text Production Level 3

Text Production tests a candidate’s ability to transcribe business documents from printed and handwritten copy to a mailable business standard. Candidates will need to know standard layouts of routine business documents and be able to produce documents that are accurate and acceptable for signature.

3. English for Business Level 2

This module is designed to test communication in business with task based on real business activity. The examination for each level consists of various sections, which test some of the following:

  1. A writing task designed to develop the situation by asking the candidate to complete a message or a memo
  2. The composition of a letter or a memo
  3. A passage of text for comprehension
  4. A look and think comprehension task
  5. A look and write production task
  6. A reformulation task requiring candidates to expand, reduce or selectivity rewrite a passage of English

4. Business Administration Level 3

This module qualification is designed to test a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the way in which a modern office works, and of the various support services it provides. Examination questions at are presented as in-tray exercises simulating real business situations. Syllabus topics include:

  1. Office Organisation, Documentation, Material & Stationery
  2. Storage and Retrieval of information, Office Machinery
  3. Internal and External Communication
  4. Equipment, Materials, Services and Supplies
  5. Work environment and controls procedures, Communication and Personal effectiveness

Entry Requirements

Completed GCE ‘N’ Level with a pass in English or equivalent

Minimum Age: 16 years

Course Duration


7 Months

Classes conducted on Mon & Thu: 7pm – 9.30pm

Next Intake: 30 Jun 2014, 01 Sep 2014, 03 Nov 2014

End Date: 18 Aug 2014, 20 Oct 2014, 11 Dec 2014

Mode of Delivery

Classroom and IT Room

Course Outcome


Awarding Body: Pearson

Graduation Requirements

Candidates must fulfill at least 75% course attendance requirements to sit for examinations. To obtain the certificate, students need to obtain at least a Pass grade in their examinations.

Grading System

Results Grading
50% – 59% Pass
60% – 74% Pass with Credit
75% and above Pass with Distinction

Mode of Examination

Business Principles and Practice Level 3

Written Exam:

  • The time allowance for the examination is 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Candidates will be required to answer 4 questions from a choice of 6
  • All questions carry equal marks
  • Candidates are advised to spend the first 15 minutes of the examination reading the questions and making notes
  • Marks are not deducted for spelling or grammatical errors
  • Questions will be presented in the format of a business situation, problem or issue with a number of tasks to be completed
  • Candidates will not be expected to have specialist knowledge of the syllabus topic areas. Interpretation of financial data will not be required.
  • Candidates may choose to produce their answers on a word processor or computer. Please refer to regulations for word processed or computer produced scripts in the ‘Guide to LCCI International Qualifications’.

Text Production Level 3

Written Exam:

The examination paper will be presented in the form of:

1. an instruction sheet stating the name of the company, its business and the employer’s name and title. Other information may be included on the instruction sheet, for example unusual terminology, names/titles, company details, addresses, fax numbers. The instruction sheet will also show a list of the documents to be transcribed, together with the number of words in each document.
2. two in-tray documents which will relate to two or more of the documents to be transcribed. Additional handwritten notes may be added by the employer. This material will be similar to that normally found in an employee’s in-tray in a real business situation. These documents may include:

  • incoming letter
  • incoming memo
  • incoming fax message
  • hard copy of incoming e-mail
  • telephone message
  • notes keyed on PC by employer which may be amended by hand
  • a document previously drafted in typescript or manuscript with corrections
  • any other realistic business document

3. written information and instructions from the employer regarding documents to be transcribed.

An optional Keyboarding Speed Test can also be entered on payment of an additional fee and completion of an additional entry form. If the speed and accuracy requirements are met, a certificate will be awarded.

English for Business Level 2

Reading and Writing – Compulsory

There will be one question on syllabus topic 1 which carries 30 marks, plus 2 questions from syllabus topics 2 to 7, one carrying 30 marks and another carrying 40 marks. Candidates will be assessed via a 2½ hour examination consisting of 3 questions as follows:

  1. Question 1 involves an extended writing task requiring candidates to produce: a memorandum, an article, a report, etc, on a choice of role-related topics drawn from business and economic life. Candidates have to answer 1 question from a choice of 3.
  2. Question 2 involves a letter writing task, where the stimulus is in the form of an incoming business letter
  3. Question 3 is a reformulation task requiring candidates to expand, reduce or selectively rewrite a passage of English for some defined purpose within a given role. Candidates will be offered tasks that will draw on their ability to make notes, or reassemble elements of a text for a specific purpose, which will be stated.

Speaking – Optional

Candidates will be assessed by a 13 minute examination including 5 minutes preparation time. The examination consists of 2 parts. There are four criteria – fluency, lexis, grammar and pronunciation – and candidates will be assessed on their performance in both parts. The assessment tasks are as follows:

  1. Part 1 consists of a warm up conversation during which the candidate will be asked about, eg study, work ambitions for the future,
  2. Part 2 requires the candidate to participate in a discussion of the topic selected by the examiner

Listening – Optional

Candidates will be assessed via a listening test lasting about 25 minutes. The test comprises 30 short listening tasks, each with a multiple-choice question. There is one mark for each question.

There are 2 types of tasks:
Task 1 (10 questions). Candidates listen to a recorded question, which has three recorded responses (A, B, C). Candidates choose the appropriate response.
Task 2 (20 questions). Candidates listen to a short conversation or announcement. They then read a question about what they have heard, with 4 possible answers (A, B, C, D). They have to choose the correct answer.

Business Administration Level 3

The format of the examination is as follows:

  1. The time allowance for the examination is 2 hours 30 minutes
  2. Candidates will be required to complete 4 tasks from a choice of 5. There will be a task from each of the 5 syllabus areas
  3. All tasks carry equal marks
  4. Candidates will be provided with a scenario giving them their job title and employer details
  5. The tasks will be presented as 5 separate ‘in-tray’ exercises. Each task will simulate a task which could ordinarily be given in a real business situation. Tasks may be presented in various forms and there will be clarification of the requirements set out beneath each task
  6. Mark allocation for individual sections of the task will be shown on the examination paper.

Course Fees

Registration Fee: $20

Course Fee: $1,400

Material Fee: $20 Per Module x 4 Modules = $80

Examination Fee: $180 Per Module x 4 Modules = $720

Total Course Fees: $2,220

7 Months Instalment: $317.14 Per Month